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A Fresh Start

Dear Spry,
Happy new year! As we step into 2022, we claim the promise that God is with us. Amen!
I hope you see this time as a chance to grow in faith and establish healthy spiritual habits like daily prayer and Scripture, as we heard last Sunday. Remember your bookmarks! We'll have them available again this Sunday in case you didn't get one or would like another. I've been praying the Covenant Prayer printed on the bookmark at the start of each day (click here for a copy), and I find that it sets the tone and helps me stay focused on what matters most--abiding in Jesus.
Renew: New Worship Series Starts This Weekend!
This weekend in worship we start a series called "Renew," based on the book of Ezra. Have you ever heard a sermon on Ezra? This will be my first time preaching from Ezra, ever. 
What Luke and I and our Preaching Team have found in our preparation is that this book of the Bible, while sometimes overlooked, speaks powerfully to our lives and world today. So don't hear "Ezra" and think "Um, not interested." :)
The Lord has a message of truth and hope for us right now. The message of Ezra--with its themes of resilience, recovery, and revitalization, rooted in the persistent faithfulness of God--is like water for our thirsty souls. I think we've all known the feeling of needing a fresh start. I know I have. This series is about God's promise to renew us, to give fresh life and strength to us, even now.
Come and see what God will do!