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A Time to Pray

Dear Spry Family,


With all the emotions, anticipation, and anxiety surrounding the start of a school year that is unlike any we've ever seen, and with all the other things going on in our community and society, this is a time to pray. This weekend in worship we'll have a special time of prayer for our schools and community, called "Back to School Blessings." We'll continue our "Catch" series about how the good news of Jesus reaches us, and how we can share in the work of Jesus to reach people with good news today. It's going to be an uplifting and inspiring time. I hope you'll join us!


Letters and Prayers

Several weeks ago our church sent letters to superintendents of the school districts in York County including a number of private schools. The purpose of the letters was to express our appreciation for all that they and their teachers and staff do for children, youth, and families in our community. We also wrote to offer our support and let them know we are praying for them and are willing to help however we can. Finally, we invited them and any teachers or volunteers from their schools to come to our Back to School Blessings worship service this Sunday at 10am. You can see a picture of one of the letters here and here. Thank you for being a church that cares and that gets involved. Please join me in praying that God will bless educators, administrators, staff, students, and parents in our community.


Thanks for Supporting Our Blood Drive!

I want to thank everyone who supported our blood drive last Sunday. We received an email from the Central PA Blood Bank with these words of appreciation: "...a big thank you for hosting a blood drive, and as I mentioned, the turnout was great! It was exciting to see that folks showed up to help out! There were 27 people who registered to donate, and we were able to collect 13 units of blood. Each unit can save up to 3 lives so that translates into 39 lives that will be saved! Thank you for reaching out and partnering with us on this blood drive. Please know how much we appreciated everything that you did to make this blood drive a success!!!"


I want to add my words of thanks and appreciation as well. There is an urgent need for blood donations, and as you do in so many ways in response to a variety of needs, once again you responded, Spry. For all that you do to convey God's love to others, thank you so much.


Important Email - Please Reply to Your Invitation by August 30

Yesterday our church office sent an email to every address on file. The email includes information about how our church continues to move forward as we say YES to the call of God to expand our ministry and outreach. This is a critical time in the life of our community, and we have a chance to be part of God's work to bring people healing, hope, and wholeness in Jesus. Every one of us has a role in helping our church follow God's call in faith. Please respond to that email by August 30. If you didn't receive it, or need us to send it to you again, please email office@SpryChurch.com. Thank you for your love and faithfulness as we move forward together in the name of Jesus Christ.


Our Worship of God This Weekend

This weekend in worship we'll focus on two interrelated keys that will help us genuinely connect with God and others during a time of tremendous disruption and disconnection. We'll sing praise to God, lift up prayers for thanksgiving and confession, and lay before God our concerns. I believe the Lord will speak through the music, the reading of Scripture, and the message so that we can know His will for our lives. We hope our worship of God will help you be renewed and refreshed, ready to serve God in the world. Worship with us this weekend, either in person or online!


It's an honor to serve the Lord with you all. I know God is at work and has great things in store for us and for our community. I'm so thankful we are on this journey together. 


In Jesus,


Strategy Team Updated 7/26/20