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An Interview with God

Dear Spry Family,


We all know the pain of loss, whether loss of a job or opportunity, loss of a dream or hope, or even loss of someone we love. Loss is part of life, and it's a part of life that's hard for every one of us. How can our faith be a source of strength for us in the losses we face? 


That's what we'll look at this weekend in worship, as we continue our series "The Messy Family of God." Along with the blessings that Abraham and Sarah and their offspring experienced came times of loss and grief. The same is true for us. I believe this weekend's message about loss and promise in God's family is a message that we all need to hear. I know you have family and friends who would benefit from our time of worship this weekend, and I encourage you to share the link to our online worship (available from Saturday 7pm on at SpryChurch.com/sermons and on our Spry Church Facebook page) and invite them to participate.


Your Questions for Our Upcoming Series

We're planning for our worship series that begins on Easter (April 4) and we'd love your input! The series is called FAQ. It's about Frequently Asked Questions and how asking honest questions can lead us to faith or deeper in faith. We're going to explore the kind of questions about God and life that we might have or those we know might have, such as these: Was Jesus's resurrection real? Why is there suffering and evil? Is there a conflict between science and Christianity? Can I trust the Old Testament? Why aren't more Christians more like Jesus?


As we prepare, we'd like to hear the questions that you think of--maybe they're questions you've personally asked, or questions people you know have asked before. If you would have an interview with God and you are allowed to ask 3 questions, what would they be? Reply to this email with your 3 questions by January 28. Your questions will help us finalize the list for this series. Thanks.


Our deepest questions often emerge from times of loss and pain. In worship this weekend, we'll mention some of the losses experienced by people in our community and how you as a church are responding with the love of Jesus. We'll also name our own losses to God and, through prayer, claim together the promise of God's presence, power, and peace.


I look forward to worshiping with you this weekend--and just a few more weeks (February 7) until we plan to offer in-person gatherings including worship again.


In Jesus,