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Children of God

Dear Spry Church,
One of my all-time favorite songs is a song called "Kids" by the band Citizens and Saints. One of the verses goes like this:
He washed us clean
Then wrote His name on our hearts
He's claimed us as his daughters and sons
Nothing can change who we are

Scripture tells us that through faith in Jesus we have been claimed by God and have been given a new identity, not only as His possession and as His people, but as daughters and sons - as God's children. In worship on Sunday we'll gather to celebrate this amazing picture of God's abundant love and grace towards us and talk about what it means to be the "children of God." 
Spry Church Cleanup Days
In an effort to keep our environments clean and tidy we are hosting "cleanup" days at both Spry Church Campuses in the month of October and are in search of volunteers. Tasks will include cleaning, organizing closets and storage areas, and tidying things up in the "behind the scenes" areas of our church. People of all physical ability levels are welcome to volunteer. Cleanup day for the Pine Grove Campus will be Saturday, October 9th, and cleanup day at the School St. Campus will be Saturday, October 23rd. Both will begin at 8 am. 
See you Sunday!
Pastor Luke