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Choose Trust -- God is With Us!

Dear Spry Church,

I hope you are staying safe and well. This weekend we continue our Resurrection series by looking at the words of Jesus in John 14:1-14. You can read the passage by clicking here. This is a call for us, in the midst of uncertainty, weariness, and maybe even frustration, to choose trust. Trust can be difficult. For one thing, how do we know who is trustworthy? We're going to be taking an honest look at what it means for us to trust the Lord. Choosing to trust is a daily decision. Choosing to place our trust in Jesus results in more of God's peace in our lives and brings glory to God. 

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York County Food Bank Fundraiser

Here's another opportunity to support the York County Food Bank, which is an organization that we partner with through our Spry Church Food Pantry. Please spread the word. Also, if you plan to go, you are encouraged to arrive as soon as you can--last time the food went quickly. The goal is to raise another $5,000 for the York County Food Bank. Meals are by donation. No donation is expected for those age 65 and older. Enjoy some good food and support a worthy cause at the same time!

Big Bob's BBQ

Recognition for Charlie and Vicky Salisbury's Ministry 

June 30 is the last day for Charlie Salisbury as the York District Superintendent and his wife Vicky as the York District Administrative Assistant. On July 1 Charlie will begin his next appointment, as pastor of Grace UMC in Hummelstown. Charlie and Vicky have served faithfully in these roles over the last 8 years. Since, under these circumstances, we can't have a District-wide gathering to show our appreciation for their ministry with us as District Superintendent and Administrative Assistant, pastors and churches in the York District are invited to participate in a card shower for Charlie and Vicky. You can send thank you cards anytime between now and late June directly to them at 638 Foxtail Drive, York 17404. In the midst of all that is going on in our world right now, please take time to show our appreciation and support.

Fake Emails

I've been alerted to the fact that at least one person has received a strange email looking like it's from me--apparently asking for a reply or to click on a link that probably triggers a computer virus (other times these fake emails will ask for money or gift cards or some sort of "favor"). Please know that emails like these are NOT from me and that I will never ask you to click on a suspicious link or for money, gift cards, etc. in a personal email like that. 

My account was not hacked. Instead, someone is creating email accounts to make it look like the messages are from me so they can try to scam people out of money. If you are ever in doubt, check the email address used by the sender. Any genuine email that you receive from me will come from kloyer@susumc.org or from office@SpryChurch.com

Sometimes people will design an email address that looks similar to an authentic account but is just slightly different and will use that to try to take advantage of others. You can delete the false email if you received one. If you didn't receive one please be aware that you may at some point in the future (scammers have apparently ramped up their efforts during this pandemic) and you can just delete it.

The Conference IT office has heard from a lot of churches that people received email claiming to be from the pastor asking for gift cards or help that was actually a scam. This social engineering trick that scammers use has been around for a long time, and sadly our Conference IT workers can do little to stop it. They file a complaint, but another email address is created, and messages are sent out all over again. Attached is a Social Engineering PDF that explains what red flags to look for when getting an email. If anyone has any questions, please email the Conference IT office at support@susumc.org or call Nate Smith at 717-766-7054.

As we think about choosing trust in our daily lives, it's important to be wise and discerning, and to consider the source. Not all messages we receive, through email, over the internet, or in other ways, are necessarily trustworthy. Yet I'm confident of this: the Lord is supremely trustworthy. No one is as deserving of your trust as Jesus is! 

Join us this weekend as we unpack three things God teaches us--three ways to trust--that can make a difference in your life and my life today. "See" you in worship (online) this weekend!

In Christ,


Strategy Team Update

Social Engineering Red Flags