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Exciting Plans for Our Church!

Dear Spry Church,

God is doing great things in our midst and that is so wonderful to see! On Tuesday we had a Celebration Dinner and Vision Night to celebrate what God is doing and to share God's vision for our church for the next 10 years. Here is the audio recording of the presentation I shared: bit.do/vision2019

Following those comments, we considered a specific opportunity now before our church - you can read about it in the attached brochure. Then we had a time of discussion about this opportunity including questions and answers. We didn't have time to address every question that night, but as I said, I will answer every question that was submitted. Below are the additional questions submitted via notecards and my answers. We will also make these materials available in print form in our church office for any who would prefer to read them in that format.

Our next step is the special church conference on Tuesday, December 17 at 7:00pm. All are welcome, and all church members have voice and vote. At that meeting, any church members who are present will vote on whether our church proceeds with multisite ministry in 2020 (that would mean going forward with the adoption of Pine Grove if both churches approve, or going forward with plans for starting a second campus in a rented space - either of which I am confident God has prepared us for and this is the time to begin, for the sake of our mission of reaching more people for Jesus). Please join me in praying, "God, what do You want to do through me, and us, to fulfill Your will for Your church?" As we pray that prayer, the Lord will lead us!

In Christ,


Will the messages and vision of sermons still mostly come from the same group? Yes. There will be a preaching team that includes our pastors and several others who collaboratively select themes and topics for messages, and the themes and topics will almost always be the same at each campus.

Will the parsonage be rented for income or used for their leadership? Church leaders will determine the best use of that building, including possibly selling it to go toward debt relief if it would not be needed for staff housing or possibly using it for rental income.

I'm concerned as the conference holds all the loans on the churches and is this an effort to consolidate the loans so they don't go broke? Also, what is the overall conference goal for the numbers of these consolidations? I (Ken) have no reason to think that this is an effort on the part of conference leaders to consolidate the loans. The purpose is for the sake of the mission to reach more people for Jesus. The conference does not have a set goal for the numbers, but conference leaders, like Spry Church leaders, seek to be guided by God and to reach as many people as possible with the good news of Jesus. Multisite ministry has proven to be an effective model for reaching new people in other annual conference contexts, and we believe God is calling us to learn from other churches and apply best practices for multisite ministry here. The vision of multisite ministry for Spry is not a top-down initiative coming from the conference, but one that has emerged from leaders of our church over a process of 18 months of prayer, reflection, and conversation. As I shared that vision with conference leaders, they supported this vision by helping identify an opportunity. They will also provide some financial support in the form of grants to help implement these plans.

Will multisite require more staff and attention than we have to support? Who will be running these sites? How will the website change in regards to these additions? Yes, there will be staff expansion, building on our current staff team, to support the development of our ministry. We have already received some advanced giving to support staff expansion. Exact roles and titles will be determined by our SPRC and the Leadership Team, and will certainly include a full-time Campus Pastor at the second campus who provides leadership there while also serving as part of a larger team of staff and leaders for Spry Church. The website will be updated to convey leadership roles as well as information about how we are one church in multiple locations, including what any guests would need to know in order to get connected and involved.

What happens if Spry votes yes but Pine Grove doesn't? In that case, we would move ahead with our vision for multisite ministry by seeking God's direction for where the second site should be launched and then moving forward. Church leaders are confident in God's call for us to begin multisite ministry in 2020 as part of the 10-year vision I (Ken) shared at the Celebration Dinner and Vision Night. If the opportunity at Pine Grove does not materialize, we would likely move ahead with a plan to rent space in a school or theater starting in the fall of 2020 and use that space as our second site to carry out God's call for us to expand our reach for the kingdom of God.