God is Able

chipotle 022419

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends,

On Wednesday Molly and I spent part of the afternoon playing with our kids in the snow. We had fun making piles of snow into different things. We used some piles of snow to make a small igloo. Our igloo won't last long, and a good bit of it has already melted, but we enjoyed building something with the snow. 

Do you know that God is able to make something out of whatever we offer him from our lives? God is constantly shaping our hearts as a potter forms clay. That's one of the metaphors we read about in the Bible. God shapes our lives for a purpose that is specific and eternal: in order to make us more like Jesus. On Sunday we continue our series about grace with a message called "Grace, Even More." Wherever we are in our understanding and experience of God's grace, there is so much more. God promises to work not only for us but also in us - to shape our character and bring our hearts more fully in line with the heart and character of Jesus. We'll hear more on Sunday. Invite a friend and come worship with us!

Tomorrow, Saturday, between 4 and 8pm The Link Community Youth Center is having a fundraiser at Chipotle Mexican Grill (1923 Springwood Rd. at the Queensgate Shopping Center in York). Bring the flyer handed out at church last Sunday, show the picture below on your smartphone, or tell the cashier you're supporting the cause and 33% of the proceeds from your meal will be donated to The Link Community Youth Center. This is an easy way for you to support our efforts to serve the youth of our community while also enjoying some good food. Please come out, invite others, and help spread the word. Thanks for your support!

A quick word about fake emails coming out under my name: recently, one of our leaders called me to say she would be happy to help. I was confused and asked, "Help with what?" She told me she was responding to my email asking for help. The problem was, I had not sent an email asking for help. The email showed my name as the sender, but if she hovered on my name she could see it was an odd email address, not my email address. If you get a strange email from someone claiming to be me, please double check to make sure it is from me.

I'm so excited about this Sunday as we consider the amazing capacity of God's grace to bring transformation to our lives and our world! This is going to be an inspiring time of worship and I hope to see you there.

In Christ,