**** Outdoor Worship in the field by The Link (65 School St., York) begins Aug 2 @ 10amOnline worship continues. Go to SpryChurch.com/updates for more details. **** 

God is at Work

Dear Spry Family,
I hope you are enjoying the slightly cooler weather as we begin the month of September. I love this time of year.
Each Sunday in September we will celebrate the ministries of our church and where God is leading us as a congregation. We encourage you to make an intentional effort to worship with us each week during this period, either online or in-person through our outdoor worship--10am each Sunday on the field by The Link at 65 School St, right across the street from our School St. Campus. Our outdoor worship on September 6 will include baptisms (we plan to show a recording of the baptisms during online worship the following weekend). There are so many signs of God's presence and work among us. What an extraordinary time for us to be the church together. 
God is on the move and we are so excited about all that we get to be part of, together, as the people of God here in our community! During this critical season in the life of our community and world, we have a chance to be part of God’s work to bring people healing, wholeness, and hope in Jesus. Every one of us has a role in helping our church follow God’s call in faith.
To expand our growing ministry, we’re resuming our “Today, Lord!” campaign and I’d like to ask you to do 2 very important things: first, register for the All Church Gathering of your choice, with in-person and online options. We have 5 dates and times that our campaign leadership has set aside for you to hear updates and see a virtual tour of the newly renovated Pine Grove Campus. We are especially pleased that this virtual tour will include a prayer walk, as together we pray for the future ministries of both the Pine Grove Campus and School St. Campus. Throughout the gathering, there will be opportunities for you to interact with our leaders and ask questions.

The dates and times of these gatherings are:

Saturday, September 12th at 10 am at the Pine Grove Campus (This in-person date and time is reserved for those without access to Zoom)

Sunday, September 13th at 3 pm via Zoom

Monday, September 14th at 7 pm via Zoom

Saturday, September 19th at 3 pm via Zoom

Sunday, September 20th immediately following worship (This in-person gathering will be held in The Link building)

Find details and register at SpryChurch.com/todaylord or by contacting the church office at 717-741-1429 or office@SpryChurch.com.
I also want to encourage you to read and pray through the daily devotional guide that we’re emailing each day to every email address that we have on file. If you’d like to be added to the email list, please contact the church office and we’d be glad to add you. For 28 days, from August 30th to September 26th, our church family is participating in this church-wide initiative of daily prayer, reading Scripture, listening to God, and responding in gratitude and faith. This is a spiritual journey we’re taking together, and this devotional guide will help us grow in our faith in God during this journey. I’m so excited about what God will do as we dedicate this time, and ourselves, to the cause of Christ! Join us for 28 days of devotion. 
Thank you for your love and faithfulness as we move forward together in the name of Jesus Christ!
Here's how I'm observing these 28 days of devotion. I find that as I set aside time each morning, God speaks to me through the daily reading and time of prayer. I'll listen for what the Holy Spirit is saying to me as I reflect on the reading for the day, and then I'll end with a simple prayer like this: "Thank you, Lord, for a new day. Once again, I offer myself to you. I am yours. Help me live for you today." Listening to God's Word and responding in faith makes such a difference in my mindset and attitude for the day--I can start out renewed and refreshed, and ready to serve God in the world today. 
I encourage you to be the kind of people who read Scripture and pray each day. It helps keep us rooted and grounded in our faith in Jesus. Reading Scripture and praying are two of the vital ways that we grow to be the people God created and calls us to be.
Another way is through the corporate worship of God. As we sing praise to God's name, lift up our prayers for thanksgiving and confession, and lay before God our concerns, we encounter the living Lord. Jesus speaks to us so we can know Him and make Him known. I hope you'll join us in worship this weekend in person or online as we move forward in faith, saying YES to God's call "Today, Lord!"
In Jesus,

Strategy Team Meeting 8/23/20