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God's Attitude Towards You

Dear Spry Church,

What do you think is God's attitude toward you? Is he against you? Is he neutral? How we choose to answer those questions will go a long way in determining not just our view of God, but also our view of ourselves and our own worth and value as people. The good news is that God tells us repeatedly in Scripture that he is FOR us! He is for you!

We'll explore what that means in a worship series starting this Sunday called "God For Us." Through this series, you'll learn who you are in Christ and how to live in the confidence of faith. We'll unpack God's promises for us and the mission we have as followers of Jesus to live and share the good news in our world today. We all need to hear these messages. You probably have family or friends who need to hear these messages. Join us, and bring a friend. God is FOR you!

See you Sunday,