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God's Work through YOU

Dear Spry Church,

Thank you for your amazing generosity! The total received for the Fall Missions Yard Sale was $9,512.48. All the proceeds will support local, national, and international causes to assist those in need. Stay tuned for the distribution list, which will appear in either an upcoming bulletin or the next newsletter. Also, the total received for our Fall Missions Offering, Books4Kids, was $1,412 - and in addition, one family from our church gave $1,500 directly to York Township Elementary School for its book fair. All that money will promote children's literacy for local kids in need. Thank you for your support of both the yard sale and this special offering!

These are two of the many examples of God's work through you, Spry Church. It's all so encouraging to see. Molly served at the York Township book fair this week, and here's a quick story of the impact of your giving. One boy came to the cash register with a book in his hand and quietly said, "I'd really like to get this book, but don't think I have enough money for it." Molly responded, "Don't worry - you can get that book! We'll take care of it. Spry Church will make up the difference." That news brought a smile to that precious boy's face. Hearing that story filled my heart with joy. This is God's work through you. It's an honor to serve the Lord with you!

This Sunday we begin what I believe is a very important series called "Lord, Teach Us to Pray." We'll explore prayer as Jesus teaches, so we can learn more about prayer and go deeper in our practice of prayer. You'll be able to draw closer to God as a result. This Sunday we will hand out a 21-day prayer guide - a simple way for you to grow in your life of prayer each day. 

God is at work all around us, and I'm excited to gather with you on Sunday as we celebrate the love of Jesus that makes all things new. See you Sunday!

In Christ,