****We currently are not offering our 9:45 worship service at School St. Campus. Worship in-person with us: School St. 9am (Traditional) 11am (Contemporary) Pine Grove 8:30am (Traditional) 10:30am (Contemporary) or online anytime. Go to SpryChurch.com/updates for more details.****

Great Expectations

Dear Spry Family,


What a beautiful stretch of weather we've had lately! I hope you've been able to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures. I love this time of year. So many of us have been waiting with expectation for this kind of weather, early signs of spring. 


Expectation is an important principle in our life of faith, too. In worship, we can come into God's presence with expectation. We can expect to encounter Jesus Christ, Crucified and Risen from the dead, the Living Lord of history and the Hope of the world. We can expect to hear him as he speaks to us through the music, reading, and message, and to offer him our prayers and our praises. This weekend in worship we continue our "Inspired" series by focusing on how this kind of spiritual expectation can shape our lives. 


One Church in Two Locations

We praise God and celebrate that on March 7th we opened the Pine Grove Campus of Spry Church! Things are off to a great start. There were 3 weeks of preview services at Pine Grove, starting on February 14th, which was also the same day we resumed in-person worship at School Street. So in a way, each campus was essentially relaunched on the same day.


Obviously, none of us ever could have anticipated all the twists and turns of the last 12 months. I'm so grateful for the commitment and perseverance our church has shown. There are exciting days ahead for both campuses, School St. and Pine Grove, as we pursue our vision of being alive in Jesus through worship, service, and building a vibrant community together.


The Lord is working among us, and it's such an honor and privilege for us to play our part. We continue to pray that God will be glorified in all things. 


Our worship times for each week are as follows:

online - SpryChurch.com/sermons or our church social media accounts anytime

School St. - 9am Traditional, 9:45 Contemporary, and 11:00 Contemporary

Pine Grove - 8:30am Traditional, 10:30am Contemporary


Love Your Neighbor Easter Bags - Sharing Hope with Our Community

Leading up to Easter we're delivering 1,000 bags of hope to people in our community. Each bag includes Easter candy, an invitation to connect with us this Easter either in person or online, and a flyer about how we can help our community with food, supplies, and encouragement through our Love Your Neighbor initiative. This short video will tell you more, including how you can be involved. To view it, click here.


Right now, people need connection and community, including knowing how we can help our community together. Jesus met the material needs of people, as in his feeding of the multitudes, and he met their spiritual needs--and Jesus calls us to do the same. Help us share hope with our Love Your Neighbor Easter Bags! 


Reclaiming My Time - A Play in Poetic Form

On Tuesday, March 16th at 7pm, a church served by one of my colleagues and friends, The Journey Church in Harrisburg, is hosting a play, online, in poetic form that tells the true stories of women with vivid memories of the mid-20th century's Civil Rights Movement. Written by Maria James-Thiaw, a member of The Journey Church, the play is called Reclaiming My Time. It explores the roots of issues that our nation continues to struggle with today. Following the performance, Pastor Kris Sledge will moderate a conversation centered on the lived black experience in America with author Maria James-Thiaw, Dr. Todd Allen (Vice President of Diversity Affairs, Messiah University), and Dr. Joyce Davis (Lay Leader of the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church). Register here to receive the link for the interactive platform for this event: https://thejourneyhbg.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/742437


Finally, below is the table that I referred to in last Sunday's message for online worship and at School St. It's a comparison of various ancient texts that shows clear evidence for the reliability of the New Testament documents, which the church as a community has preserved over time. As I mentioned last Sunday, this is the witness of the community that has preserved this message for us so we can have the same faith.


Enjoy the rest of the week and, whether you join us in person or online, come with expectation as we worship God this weekend!


In Christ,





When Written

Earliest Copies

Time Span (years)

Number of Copies


488-428 BC

AD 900




460-400 BC

AD 900




AD 100

AD 1100



Caesar’s Gallic War

58-50 BC

AD 900



Livy’s History of Rome

59 BC-AD 17

AD 900



New Testament



AD 40-100

AD 130 (full manuscripts AD 350)


5,000+ Greek

10,000 Latin

9,300 others