****We currently are not offering our 9:45 worship service at School St. Campus. Worship in-person with us: School St. 9am (Traditional) 11am (Contemporary) Pine Grove 8:30am (Traditional) 10:30am (Contemporary) or online anytime. Go to SpryChurch.com/updates for more details.****

Holy Week and Easter!

Dear Spry Family,


This is the most important week of the year for us as followers of Jesus. This week we commemorate the pivot point of all of history: the events of Holy Week and Easter, when Jesus allowed himself to be betrayed and abandoned, and when he suffered for us, died for us, and on the third day rose again in victory for us. In his life, and particularly his death and resurrection, Jesus has brought God's salvation to the world. As we read in what's likely the most well-known verse of the entire Bible--what Martin Luther called "the Gospel in miniature"--"God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16). The greatest gift of eternal life, life now and forever with God, is available to everyone through Jesus. 


There's a lot of timely information packed into today's email, so I encourage you to read all the way to the end.


Celebrate Redemption and Hope this Holy Week and Easter

We invite you, and your family and friends, to experience a message of hope this Easter at Spry Church. Step into the story of Christ's saving work and join us for one or more of these events.



Easter Worship Schedule

Our Easter worship will be online as well as in person. Our online worship will be released at the normal time, Saturday 7pm, by email, Facebook (Spry Church), and at SpryChurch.com/sermons. Our schedule for in-person worship on Easter (April 4) is as follows:


8am Traditional School St. Campus*

8:30am Traditional Pine Grove Campus

9am Traditional School St. Campus*

9:45am Contemporary School St. Campus

10:30am Contemporary Pine Grove Campus

11am Contemporary School St. Campus


*We encourage people who normally attend 9am Traditional worship at School St. to consider coming to the 8am Easter Traditional service at School St. because that will create room for others at 9am. The 8am and 9am services will be virtually identical. Thank you!


Love Your Neighbor

Through our Love Your Neighbor initiative, we are responding to the needs of those around us. Thanks to your generosity, over the last year our church has provided thousands of meals as well as essential supplies such as toilet paper, diapers, and soap to people in our community. The social and economic challenges facing vulnerable people continue to grow. Through Love Your Neighbor, we want to demonstrate God's love for them in their time of need. It's not just about handing out crisis provision. It's about supporting people over time to regain control over their lives and realize their God-given potential. We're helping individuals and families in practical ways, and we're working with local partners such as charities in York. Together, we're providing food, supplies, and encouragement to our neighbors. 


This year our Easter Missions Offering will support Love Your Neighbor. A portion of our April 4th offering across our campuses, including online worship, along with all designated giving received by then, will provide food and supplies to people in need right here in our community. Thank you for your support as we love our neighbors.


Share a Message of Hope This Easter

Our Video Producer Shawn Gilgore has put together a 4-minute Easter video called "Hope Rising." Thanks, Shawn! We'd love for all of you to view it as well as share it via social media or email with your friends. In this video, Pastor Luke and I speak about the loss, despair, and questions that we've all felt over the last year, and we offer a word of hope from the promises of God. Watch this brief video and share it with friends so they can hear the good news of Easter! To view the video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7L_IWrIUUU. You can copy and paste that link into an email or social media post to share with your friends. I suggest copying and pasting a simple message like this along with the video:


We've all felt loss, frustration, uncertainty, and despair. Here's a message of hope rising...4 minutes of GOOD NEWS for your life today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7L_IWrIUUU


Thank you in advance for sharing this message of hope with those you are connected to--hope is what we all need!


I'm so excited about this special week and the chance for us to step into the story of Christ's saving work. See you in worship this Holy Week and Easter Sunday as we celebrate the redeeming love of God.


In Christ,