****We currently are not offering our 9:45 worship service at School St. Campus. Worship in-person with us: School St. 9am (Traditional) 11am (Contemporary) Pine Grove 8:30am (Traditional) 10:30am (Contemporary) or online anytime. Go to SpryChurch.com/updates for more details.****

Holy Week leads us to Easter

Dear Spry Family,

The most important week for our Christian faith starts this Sunday, as Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday and then leads us to Easter. Here are upcoming events and activities as we continue our journey to the celebration of Easter.

Palm Sunday Worship

In worship on March 28 we conclude our "Inspired" series on how and why to read the Bible. We'll focus on the fact that the Bible is one book that tells one story, and the events of Palm Sunday and Holy Week take us right to the climax of the whole story. This is the true story of the world and the true story of your life and my life. Join us in worship as we focus on what Holy Week means for us today.

Holy Week at Spry Church


In-Person Easter Worship Schedule

We invite you, and your family and friends, to connect with us this Easter. Our Easter worship will be online (released the normal way and time, 7pm Saturday April 3) as well as in person. Our schedule for in-person worship on Easter, April 4 is as follows:

8am Traditional School St. Campus*

8:30am Traditional Pine Grove Campus

9am Traditional School St. Campus*

9:45am Contemporary School St. Campus

10:30am Contemporary Pine Grove Campus

11am Contemporary School St. Campus

*We encourage people who normally attend 9am Traditional worship at School St. to consider coming to the 8am Easter worship service at School St. because that will create room for others at 9am. The 8am and 9am services will be virtually identical. Thank you!

Easter Candy

If you purchased candy through this year's Easter candy sale, you may pick up your order this Sunday, March 28, after worship in the lobby at your respective campus. If you missed the sale but are interested in ordering candy, there will be extra available. You can also contact Sue Shoff at sshoff01@comcast.net to inquire about what's available or place an order. Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's sale, and special thanks to the Ladies Sunshine Group at the Pine Grove Campus for organizing this event! Through it, we raised approximately $4,000 for missions projects.

This Sunday begins the most significant week of the year for us as followers of Jesus. The Bible is one book that tells one story--the grand story of how God is putting things back together again in Jesus. This week points directly to the climax of the whole story of the loving purposes of God. Join us either in person or online as we worship the Lord together. 

In Christ's love,