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How Are You Growing Today?

Dear Spry Church, 

I hope you're having a good week. Remember the challenge from last Sunday's message about how life is better together? How have you connected with other people this week? Don't try to do life alone! This Sunday we continue our series called "The Core," focused on five core principles of following Jesus. Our message this Sunday is about how God calls us to keep growing. This growth is accomplished by acquiring new habits, breaking the addictive grip of harmful habits, and integrating our inner spiritual and mental life with outward behaviors and speech. The message will include a short video that creatively and humorously illustrates the point, and will really get you thinking.

Because of your love and support for our church, the leadership team values your input regarding the ministry possibilities for the future of this congregation. If you haven't already done so (and if you will not be meeting with our Campaign Strategist, Scott McKenzie), please complete this brief survey by Thursday, February 6. There will be a few printed surveys at the Welcome Center for those without computer access. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SpryChurchYorkPA

Who's going to win the Super Bowl...Chiefs or 49ers? Even if the game is not all that entertaining, the commercials should be! Vote for your team by donating cans of soup and crackers for our Food Pantry, now through Sunday, February 9. All food goes to neighbors in need. Thank you to all who have donated so far!

I look forward to seeing you in worship on Sunday as we learn how we can keep growing in our love for God and our neighbors.

In Christ,