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Dear Spry Family,


Have you ever found yourself needing to refocus? Sometimes I shift my attention to something less important than what's right in front of me, and what should be clear suddenly becomes blurry. Do you know what I mean?


This weekend we start a 2-week series designed to help us all refocus. We're going to listen together to how God is calling us to come back to what matters most, and to what's right in front of us. Join us as we refocus on finding God's peace and moving ahead with purpose.


A Prayer for Our Time

Like many of you, I've watched the news a bit more than normal over the last several weeks. I came across this prayer that I think is timely and meaningful, and I invite you to pause now and pray for the healing of our nation.


"Heal Our Way Forward"

God of red and blue states, God of purple people, hear our prayers. After the election some will rejoice. Let them not gloat. After the election some will grieve. Let them not despair. Heal our way forward. Soften our hardened hearts. Inspire us to be just, kind, and humble. May we have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to hope; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 


Thanks to All Veterans

Yesterday we observed Veterans Day. I see that day and all it represents as a reminder of the highest ideals of our nation, including sacrifice, common cause, and honor. We owe a profound debt of gratitude to our Veterans for their selfless service. Thank you to all those who have served, and to all those who are serving our country now.


Holiday JOY in Serving Kicks Off This Weekend

You can brighten someone's Thanksgiving and Christmas this year by Joyfully Offering Yourself (JOY) in Serving and giving. Our holiday ministry kicks off this weekend. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, we'll provide hundreds of meals and gifts to families and children in our community. You can get involved in a number of opportunities, including those listed HERE


"Today, Lord!" Update

In worship last week, both in person and online, we announced the total of our "Today, Lord!" capital campaign pledges and gifts received to date. It was such wonderful news! I'll include the text of the announcement as a postscript below. 


We look ahead with great anticipation to the ongoing expansion of ministry to serve our community and embrace those around us with the love of Jesus. Discussions and discernment about moving toward weekly worship at our Pine Grove Campus continue at this time. We expect to be able to share an update with you shortly before Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, we are excited about the events that have already begun there: Pastor Luke's Bible Study (each Thursday at 10am), weekly youth events (Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30), and Community Meals (drive-thru pick up is the 3rd Wednesday of the month starting at 5:30pm) at our Pine Grove Campus. Thank you for your patience, prayers, support, and understanding.


I thank God for each of you and for the honor of serving Jesus together for such a time as this. Of all the times in history, God has chosen this time--with its challenges and opportunities--for us to be the church together. What a great time to be the church. Always remember that because of Jesus, we are people of hope. Because of Jesus, we can know the peace of God. Because of Jesus, we can refocus and prepare to move forward with purpose and in joy together.


See you in worship!



We are pleased and so grateful to be able to announce the total of our “Today, Lord!” capital campaign pledges and the money received to date. You might remember we had a goal of $700,000 dollars to expand ministry here and at Pine Grove, so we can share the love of Jesus with more people around us. We knew this goal was a challenge especially when Covid struck. I am pleased to announce to you that as of today we have….drum roll, please!


90 pledges totaling $602,402!


Personally, I am thrilled with these results and here’s why. As a church, you’ve done exactly what we’ve asked you to do…pray, seek God’s guidance, and respond in gratitude and faith. I know the Lord has led us to this point and He will provide everything we need for us to do what He is calling us to do. I praise God for His faithfulness, and for your faithful response. It really matters, especially during this time. So many people need to hear the good news of Jesus. So many are hurting. So many are longing for more--for peace, for forgiveness, for God’s love that never fails. So many, all around us, are searching for purpose, meaning, and hope. Your support of the “Today, Lord!” campaign will help us expand our impact and reach more people with the love of Jesus. This will make an eternal difference in the lives of others because of God’s work through you.


And, we are very excited to announce that with First Fruits Offering and our early gifts we have already received $310,354. That includes 29 families who didn’t fill out a card but have still given. We’re off to an amazing start!


Some of you will remember our previous capital campaign. In 2014, pledges totaled a little over $400,000 but at the end of the three-year giving period, the total amount given was over $500,000 and we exceeded our goal. I believe that, with God’s blessings, we can do this once again. And, I believe we’ll see hundreds more people come to know Jesus and come alive in Him!


Thank you, Spry Church! I am so proud to be your pastor. It’s such a privilege to serve the Lord with you.