Scout Sunday and Splash Kids Valentine's Hearts

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends,

This Sunday is going to be a great day at our church. We begin a new worship series called "Grace Changes Everything." It is Scout Sunday, so we will have representatives from Pack 50 and Troop 50 involved in our worship services in a variety of ways. And, our SPLASH Kids will be spreading love by handing out valentine hearts they made following each worship service. We ask everyone to take a heart and pray for that child throughout the year. 

One of our faithful members told me that when kids handed out hearts last year, she got the heart with our son Zeke's name on it and she has been praying for him each day ever since. I was really touched by her words - that means so much to my family. We have seen God answer many prayers as our little guy continues to work through developmental challenges and grow stronger. Prayer is one way you can bless a child's life; you don't even have to know the child personally, but simply by taking the time to pray regularly for that child you are participating in God's work in his or her life. How wonderful and amazing is that?! Thank you for your support of the children of our church through prayer! 

The message of grace is so desperately needed in our lives and our world today. Join us Sunday as we celebrate the good news of God's grace for all of us in Jesus Christ!

In Christ's love,