Dear Spry Church Family and Friends,

Happy spring! It might not look or feel like spring yet, but we're now officially in a new season. Soon we'll see all the wonderful signs of spring: sunshine, warmer temperatures, flowers, and more. So much to look forward to!

This Sunday we continue our Journey series with a message about recalculating. Sometimes in life we need to do what a GPS does when we get off course: reroute and get back on track. This is true for all of us. In different ways we can begin to drift spiritually. The good news is that God gives us second chances and positive change, new direction, and renewal are possible for each one of us by God's grace. This time of year, in the season of Lent, is an especially good time for us to hear that.

Part of what we have to look forward to this spring is a series of special services and events leading up to Easter, April 21. You can see our schedule at EasterforYork.com. That website is a reminder that our Easter celebration is for our community! Easter is one of two times a year people who don't normally attend church are most receptive to an invitation to worship (the other is Christmas). So this is a great opportunity for us to play our part in connecting people with Jesus, which is our primary purpose. Who will you invite? Please begin to pray about that, ask God for guidance, and then extend a personal invitation to people you know - family, friends, neighbors, co-workers - to our Easter services and events. An easy way to invite people is to send them the link, EasterforYork.com, either by email or through social media. Reach out and invite others to our Easter celebration. It's going to be amazing!

I also want to let you know about two other websites with helpful information: our student ministries, Uprising, posts updated news and events at IAmTheUprising.com and on our Facebook page, Uprising: Spry Church Student Ministries. Our SPLASH Kids ministry does the same at SpryChurch.com/kidsclubs as well as our new Facebook page, Splash Kids Ministry. Check out the websites and like the Facebook pages for updates!

Join us this weekend as we explore what it means to recalculate the route and travel a new and better path that God has for us.

See you Sunday!

In Christ,