The Grand Miracle

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends,

Today is the last day of May. Where does the time go? As you read this edition of my weekly update I am in Hershey at Annual Conference, a gathering of pastors and lay people from the approximately 860 United Methodist congregations in central and northeast Pennsylvania that make up the Susquehanna Conference (named after the river). Every year this gathering takes place, and for these 2-3 days we meet for worship, reports, ministry updates, visioning, prayer, and conversations. Since we're meeting in Hershey, there is also chocolate, of course. :)

This way of being connected in ministry is one distinctive feature of our church structure. Spry Church is part of a larger connection of churches - first and foremost we are Christians, so we share a certain unity with all other Christian churches; and in a more particular sense we are Christians in the United Methodist tradition, a global Protestant Church consisting of over 12 million people in 130 different countries. Our lay delegate to Annual Conference is Nadine Goodwin. Please take a moment now to pray for Nadine, the other Conference participants, and me, that our time together at this gathering would be worshipful, inspiring, and helpful as we seek to continue growing in Christ and serving the Lord together. It's an honor for Nadine and me to represent Spry Church at this gathering. I look forward to being in worship at Spry this weekend!

This Sunday we continue our Marvel series about the miracles of Jesus and how we can experience God's power today. We'll focus on the grand miracle, Jesus himself. Then next weekend, June 9 - the final week in our Marvel series - we'll explore the priceless gift that Jesus offers each of us. These final two messages - June 2 and June 9 - are the most important in the entire series about the miracles of Jesus. Don't miss worship these next two weeks! What we'll hear and celebrate these two weeks especially is critical to our faith and to who we are in Christ.

I've got to run now...back to meetings at Conference. See you in worship!

In Christ,