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The Surprising Beauty of Chastity

Spry Church,


In one of his most countercultural teachings, Jesus says, "Blessed are the pure in heart" (Matthew 5:8). Jesus not only models purity of heart, but also calls you and me to follow him in this area of life. This weekend we conclude our "Toxic Choices, Healing Grace" series by looking at the vice of lust and its remedy, the surprising beauty of chastity. 


Pastor Luke and I will be talking about sex in our messages this weekend. We don't want any parents whose kids stay in worship or watch with them online to be surprised. For any who might wonder why we are talking about this topic, the main reason is that it's a recurring theme in the Bible (which actually presents quite a positive view of sex as God's good gift), and we are committed as your pastors to preaching and teaching the Scriptures faithfully.


Suggestions for Sermons You'd Like or Need to Hear?

Our Worship Series Team plans the themes for worship series, typically 9-12 months in advance. We have a number of series already planned (including on the parables of Jesus, the letters of John, the book of Ezra, the letter of Romans, and the topic of unanswered prayer). As we look at developing additional series, I'd like to invite our regular worshipers to submit your best ideas for sermons or worship series. Some of the most meaningful series we've preached were originally suggested by you, our members.


I'd love for you to copy these questions, paste them into an email and offer your responses, then send them to our Office Manager Jen (office@SpryChurch.com, or reply to this email).


  1. What theme, question, or topic could we address in a worship series that would be interesting to your friends who don't go to church, or to which it would be easy for you to invite them to attend?
  2. Are there theological questions or portions of the Bible, or questions about the life of faith, that you would like us to address in upcoming sermons?
  3. What are the personal challenges and struggles you, or the people you love, are facing?


I will read each of your suggestions and pray over them as we work on our upcoming sermon plan. Thanks in advance for your feedback!


Vacation Bible School Decorating

Each year we look forward to helping kids from our church and community grow in their faith during VBS week, and it's time for VBS 2021! This year, over 100 kids (we capped registration due to social distancing measures) will learn about the armor of God and that the love and power of Jesus can help us face hard challenges in our lives. On Saturday, July 10 at 9:30am we'll be decorating for this year's VBS celebration at the School Street Campus, and we'd love for you to help. Contact Laurie@SpryChurch.com (717-309-1678) with questions or for more details.


See you in worship this weekend!


In Jesus,