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What God Truly Values

Dear Spry Church,

This weekend in worship we conclude our "Pillars of Faith" series with a message on how you and I can honor God today. There are some important differences between the values of God's kingdom and what is so often valued in our society. Join us as we look at what God truly values, and what that means for our daily lives. This is such good news for our weary world. 

If you're out of town for the holiday weekend, you can listen to the message here: https://www.sprychurch.com/sermons. As a reminder, every week by Tuesday the message is posted from the Sunday before.

It's going to be another great morning of uplifting and inspiring worship this Sunday, Spry Church! Invite someone to worship this weekend - sometimes all it takes is an invitation from a friend for someone to realize, "Yes, there's a place for me in God's family and there's a church that will welcome me with open arms." Thank you for being such a church. I look forward to seeing you Sunday!

In Christ,