**** In-person worship has resumed: 9am traditional service, 9:45 and 11am contemporary services. Online worship continues. Sunday School for all ages, children's programs, and nursery will resume at a later date.  Go to SpryChurch.com/updates for more details. **** 

What Invigorates You?

Dear Spry Church,

I hope you've been enjoying this fall weather! Someone told me she finds the cooler temperatures invigorating - what a great word (meaning to make someone feel strong, healthy, and full of energy). What invigorates you? For countless people across history and across the world today, one such thing is prayer. Through prayer we communicate with God, and that means we connect with the One who is the source of our life, and all life. That vital connection invigorates us!

This Sunday we continue our series on prayer, "Lord, Teach Us to Pray." We'll focus on the line in the Lord's Prayer "hallowed be Thy name." This phrase is often overlooked and sometimes misunderstood, but it says something really important about who God is and who God calls us to be. Over the next few weeks we'll also receive new members into our church family - 15 adults plus kids!

The Lord is at work in our church and that is a beautiful and amazing thing to see. Come and be refreshed, inspired, and invigorated!

In Christ,