Worship Plans: Seeking Your Input

Dear Spry Church,

God has a message for your life and for mine. What is God's message for you today? What does the Lord want you, and us, to hear and act on in daily life? These are some of the questions that guide the work of our team in designing worship and sermons at Spry Church. Our aim is that through our worship we will encounter God and be encouraged, challenged, and equipped to live for Jesus and grow in our faith.

Next week I'll devote part of my time to planning for upcoming sermons, and I'd like your input. Please reply to the questions below by Wednesday the 14th so I have your responses when I begin. Typically we work on the preaching plan (focusing on series topics and main themes) about 12 months in advance. So far, our plan for the next year includes series on these topics:

-The Message of the Cross: the meaning of Christ's cross for our salvation, and of living as people of the cross

-Overcoming Our Fears: addressing fear and anxiety in light of God's promises in Scripture

-Called by God: the Apostle Paul's life and message for today


Every 1-2 years I ask our congregation for ideas about sermons on topics that are important for your lives. We value your input and use it to help shape the themes for series as well as particular messages. Here are the questions I'd like you to answer. Please email your responses by replying to this message or by emailing me directly at Ken@SpryChurch.com.

  1. Is there a book in the Bible, a section of the Bible, a character in the Bible, or a theme in the Bible that you'd value having as the focus of a sermon or sermons? Are there ethical issues, current events, or global concerns that you would like to hear a sermon address?
  2. If there would be a sermon series of interest to your friends or family who don't attend church, what would that series of sermons be about?
  3. What are the personal challenges that you or the people you love are facing? How can I best help you grow in your personal spiritual life through preaching? Where do you struggle in your spiritual life and growth?

Thanks so much for sharing your responses to these questions. I'm excited about the sermons coming up for the remainder of 2019. This Sunday we start a 4-week series called "Pillars of Faith," about the strength God gives us through our faith in Christ and how, through our faith, we can see God accomplish great things. Then we'll kick off the fall with a series on what it means that God is not against us, or "neutral," but is actually FOR us - for you and me! - this amazing truth that shapes who we are and how we can live each day. After that will be a series called "Lord, Teach Us to Pray," exploring the Lord's Prayer as a guide to daily prayer and life. We'll end the calendar year during Advent with a series on "The Wonder of Christmas" and how once you believe, anything is possible.

Thank you, Spry Church, for being a church alive in Jesus. It is such a joy to serve the Lord with you!

See you in worship,