Your Amazing Generosity

Dear Spry Church,

You are so generous, and your giving makes a difference! Through additional giving we've now raised over $8,000 for our summer missions offering (our goal was $5,000). That means 8 kids in need will receive life-changing surgery and they and their families will hear the good news of Jesus - the lives of 8 kids will be forever changed because of your giving. Thank you so much! Someone pointed out that it's especially meaningful how our church's VBS gets children involved to help others in dire need. How wonderful to see such a strong response from our kids each night of VBS, with some bringing bags of coins from their allowance or chores and others putting in their entire coin banks - literally the whole bank - when giving to support CURE International through this year's summer missions offering. As a congregation, we are teaching kids the importance of generosity. That will bring positive change to their lives, too, and through their generous hearts the ripple effect in the days and years ahead will be so great it will be difficult to measure.

This is simply one example of God's work in us and through us, and of how you are joyfully responding in faith. In many ways, you are a church that takes seriously the call of Jesus in the two greatest commandments: to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself. I'm so proud of you, Spry Church!

Those commandments and what Jesus says about them will be the focus of our worship this Sunday as we conclude our series on loving our neighbors. We'll look at how, as Jesus says, it all hangs on this - everything in the law and the prophets depends on love of God and love of neighbor (each of which also involves a healthy love of ourselves). For Jesus to say that is a remarkable statement. What he means by this is such a powerful truth meant to shape how we live each day.

If, as Jesus says, these two commandments are the greatest of all, what could be more important than gathering together as a church family to celebrate and be formed by this message? That's what we're going to do this Sunday, and I hope to see you there!

In Christ,