Explore the Bible 2018

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Our vision at Spry Church is to be alive in Jesus, and that means training people to become more like Jesus by doing our part to make disciples. This vision is the idea behind Explore the Bible 2018, a year-long plan that will take us through key themes in Scripture to give us a better understanding of the Bible’s powerful message for us today. The 2018 preaching plan is based on a daily reading plan that we will make available in multiple ways throughout the year (bulletin, newsletter, church website, etc.). See the reading plan here or by clicking the link below. By setting aside 15-20 minutes per day, you can read the whole Bible over the course of the year.

We know that reading the Bible can be difficult, so we’re going to equip you with resources to help make it a success. For example, we encourage you to go to BibleinOneYear.org to download the free app or sign up for free daily emails with commentary and prayers. We also know how easy it is to get behind, so we’re going to encourage you to jump back in no matter where you are or where you begin.

Join us in our journey through the Bible in 2018! You’ll grow not only in knowledge and understanding, but also in faith, hope, and love. That is the best way not just to count the days, but to make the days count.

Make 2018 count!


Click below to download our 2018 Reading Plan