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RightLeftWay of Jesus.DATES

These are challenging times for our world and our nation.

Where can we find hope?

How can we help others find hope?

What is God’s message
for such a time as this?

In this series, we’re looking at the underlying spiritual challenges representing the ways of the world, and how the way of Jesus gives us the answers we desperately need: unity as an alternative to division, grace as an alternative to polarization, truth as an alternative to misinformation, faith as an alternative to fear, healing as an alternative to rage, and a message of hope for all eternity as an alternative to the incessant, chaotic urgency of the present. In all these ways, followers of Jesus are called to model and offer healthy and transformative alternatives to the world around us. We invite you to join us.        

“Left, Right, and the Way of Jesus”
October 4 – Division
October 11 – Polarization
October 18 – Misinformation
October 25 – Fear
November 1 – Rage
November 8 – Four Years, Forever

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