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Ole Faithful Sunday Morning Bible Study Class

Sundays 10:10-10:55am

Room: Library


This on-going Bible Study Class follows the Cokesbury Adult Bible Study Curriculum.

Each quarter has a theme and each month focuses on a specific topic. Join us every Sunday, for a quarter, or just a month! We love studying God's Word and would love to have you with us!

Winter Theme: Promise

This winter, our lessons support the theme of "Promise." The writer of the student book lessons is Michelle Morris.

Hope - Dec 2019
The five lessons in this unit center on one of the things promise gives us: hope. Hope––the expectation that, regardless of what is happening in the present, God has a good future for us––is an underlying and uniting theme in these lessons. Lesson 1 follows Abraham, who left his homeland and moved to Canaan, trusting that God had something good ahead for him. Lesson 2 recalls how Abraham's trust that God was going to give him a place as an inheritance motivated him to make the move. Lesson 3, based on one of the servant songs from Isaiah, speaks of the hope of a servant who "will bring justice to the nations" (Isaiah 42:1). Lesson 4 focuses on the angel's announcement to Joseph that Mary would bear God's Son, declaring that Jesus is the fulfillment of "God with us." Lesson 5 looks at Jesus' final words to his disciples before ascending into heaven, planting in them the hope of the Holy Spirit's coming and the reality of Spirit-filled living.
Spiritual Practice: Scripture

Covenants: The Basis for Committed Relationships - Jan 2020
The four lessons in this unit focus on covenants and the promises they include. God's covenant with Abram, Ruth's covenant with Naomi, God's covenant with David, and God's new covenant announced through Jeremiah and extended to us remind us of God's faithfulness in keeping promises.
Spiritual Practice: Anam Cara (Soul Friend)

Holiness Expressed - February
The four lessons in this unit call us to live into the promise God gives us to be holy people. Holiness, a primary attribute of God, is also present in the world God has created; these lessons invite us to look at holiness in four of the ways in which it is expressed: holy place, holy presence, holy people, and holy purpose.
Spiritual Practice: Works of Justice


Spring Theme: Life

This spring, our lessons support the theme of "Life." The writer of the student book lessons is Randy Cross; the teacher book writer is Taylor Mills.

Wilderness - March
Spiritual Practice - Fasting
Scripture - Genesis 3:8-24 | Matthew 26:36-46 | Numbers 21:4-9 | Matthew 4:1-11 | 2 Kings 25:8-21
Suffering is a reality of life, and this unit takes us to five places in Scripture where suffering is a dominant theme: an Old Testament garden story and a New Testament garden story, an Old Testament wilderness story and a New Testament wilderness story, and the exile of the people of Judah. We examine these stories, not to wallow in misery, but to understand them as context for hope and salvation.

Salvation - April
Scripture - Mark 15:22-39 | Matthew 28:1-10 | Haggai 2:1-9 | Mark 1:1-8
Spiritual Practice - Generosity
Suffering, the theme connecting the lessons in our first unit this quarter, is not the end of our story when God is involved with us. Thus, this second unit is about salvation. Over its four lessons, we will look at the new start for the people of Judah represented by the rebuilding of the Temple in Haggai's time and the new start for humankind announced by John the Baptist and accomplished through the death and resurrection of Jesus, —new starts made possible by God's initiative.

Grace - May
Scripture - Revelation 22:1-5 | Genesis 3:21; 4:10-16 | Exodus 16:2-15 | Luke 23:32-33, 39-43 | Acts 2:1-21
Spiritual Practice - Service
The first unit in this quarter began with the expulsion from the garden of Eden, the loss of paradise. With this unit, in Lesson 10, we see the Bible's prophecy of the return to paradise, the kingdom of God, made possible by God's grace. The other four lessons of this unit identify points in Scripture at which God's grace was also operative, reminding us that grace is an ongoing force in life for the faithful today as well.